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10 Signs You Need To Leave That Relationship

10 Signs You Need To Leave That Relationship

People remain in dysfunctional relationships because they are stuck in the idea of what the other person should or could be. You hold on because you have invested emotions, finances or even, time on the other person. What’s the point of enduring hardships trying to convince yourself that someone will change? why hold on when all the signs that your relationship is over are so clear? Living like this is like living in the future instead of facing the reality that exists now. The phrase life is too short has never made more sense.

To avoid long term pain and suffering, look out for the following signs that you need to leave your relationship and do it fast.

  1. Violence

When the person who used to protect you has turned against you and resorts to physical abuse. You forgave the first incident but don’t blame them if they do it again. Violence is unacceptable and extremely unhealthy for any relationship.

  1. Addiction

If your partner is facing an addiction that is destroying your relationship be it a gambling, drug or alcohol addiction. If he/she is not willing to stop and get help, continuing with the addictive behaviour will only cause more pain. you need to leave that relationship fast.

  1. Deception

Just because he’s been lying to you for as long as you can remember doesn’t make it right. If you can’t tell your partner the truth constantly, your relationship is likely doomed. A relationship is based on trust and being lied to constantly will break that trust. There’s no way someone can be honest with you if they can’t be honest with themselves.

  1. Unfaithfulness

It is possible to forgive someone and move on with your lives. However forgiveness only works if the two of you are willing to make the necessary changes that will make you move on and put your past behind. However, if you are in a relationship with a habitual cheater, who does it without any regards to your feelings, it’s time to pack your bags and leave that relationship. Save yourself the little respect you still got.

  1. He/she puts you down

It’s unhealthy living with someone who always makes you feel bad about yourself. Disrespectful people can give you deep scars that will take a lot to heal. If your partner is constantly mistreated you verbally, reconsider that relationship. Give him/her an ultimatum that you would leave if the disrespect doesn’t stop.

  1. You cannot communicate

Bad communication is a killer of most relationships. These miscommunications will always create issues that will one day lead to a break up. If you find no way to talk to your partner and engage in deep rapport, reconsider this relationship. You may be in just a sexual relationship that will soon come to an end.

  1. A dictatorship

You should be getting something from your relationship and not always be the one on the giving end. When you feel less appreciated and you are the one always helping your partner and treating them like royalty, then it may be time for you to start packing.

  1. Too much ego

Ego can destroy a relationship. Don’t be in a relationship with someone to feed your ego. This will turn out to be a complete disaster.

  1. You are staying for physical attraction and sexual relationship

If you value a healthy relationship with someone who is more interested in you than what you have to offer in the bedroom then leave that relationship. Don’t stay if the only thing that is keeping your partner is the sexual relationship. One of the signs that you have found the “one” is an interest in more than just a physical relationship.

10. You’ve grown apart

It happens, you take different paths in life and you are no longer feeling the same way about the relationship. It is always important to be honest with your partner. Don’t keep dragging someone along knowing that you’ll hurt their feelings someday. Don’t feel guilty because you feel different or since things are not the same anymore.

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