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10 Wedding Venues in Kenya’s Leafy Suburbs We Totally Love

10 Wedding Venues in Kenya’s Leafy Suburbs We Totally Love

Whether you are looking for a garden wedding, a historical setting or waterfront ceremony, these amazing wedding venues in the Kenyan suburbs will hardly disappoint. Granted, some of these wedding locations are a little pricey. But there’s no harm in splurging on one of the happiest days of your life? Is there?


From having budget constraints, location limitations and the long guest list (that’s almost impossible to trim down), searching for a perfect wedding venue can get downright frustrating. But we’ll try and sort you out so there’s nothing to worry about.

We’ve started right in the middle of the country’s capital to search for the perfect venues for your dream wedding. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful venues in the country, where they are located, how you can contact them what we love most about these places and why we recommend them.

  1. Thika Greens Golf Estate

THIKa greens

Location: Along Nairobi – Nyeri highway on Kandara road (about 40 minutes from Nairobi)

Type of Venue: Wedding ceremony, photo sessions, reception

Why We love Thika Greens : Beautifully manicured lawns, the breathtaking view of Mt Kilimambogo and the fact that you can perform various activities such as the photo session at the same venue. Furthermore, Thika Greens is conveniently located from Nairobi and covers 1706 acres of land. It’s perfect for any couple who wants to conduct a huge garden wedding.

  1. Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

Location: Kigwa Lane, Ridgeways, off Kiambu Road (about 15Kilometers from Nairobi)

Cost: Between Ksh.75,000 – Ksh. 145,000

Type of Venue: Garden Wedding ceremony/ photo session/ honeymoon/ afterparty

Why we love Windsor : They offer 4 types of wedding grounds. The garden pond is ideal for small weddings as it can only accommodate 150 people. The lake view can hold up double that size of guest list but comes at an extra cost. Then there’s the Kigwa view which is beautifully set next to a manmade lake and can hold up 500 of your wedding guests. The most popular ground at Windsor is The 10th Tee which is designed to accommodate 1500 guests and has a beautiful backdrop. Windsor has one of the best customer service and their catering services are quite impressive as well.


  1. Kentmere Gardens

Kentmere Gardens

Location: Tigoni, Limuru, Kiambu

Type of Venue: Garden wedding

Why we love Kentmere Gardens: The garden is situated away from the hustles of the city center and the environment is very quiet, calm and serene. Perfect for a romantic wedding or getaway, Kentmere Gardens is also recommended by many couples who have had their event at the venue. They have a huge parking lot too.

  1. Fuchsia Gardens


Location: Kiambu Nairobi

Type of Venue: Wedding Reception, Photo Session

Why we love Fuschia Gardens : Fuchsia Gardens is an expansive garden wedding venue that can hold up 1,000 people. It’s perfectly ideal for large weddings plus the location is also very convenient for those who would like a venue that’s close to Nairobi. We love this place because they allow you to come with your tents, chairs and other service providers you’d like to have.

  1. Safari Park Hotel


Location: Thika Road (20 minutes from Nairobi)

Type of Venue: hotel wedding venue, evening party, honeymoon destination

Why we love Safari Park Hotel Wedding Venue: The last time we checked, Safari Park Hotel had 4 packages that were very impressively planned out. The first package is the gold choice which allows you to use the hotel lawn and pool side together with other complimentary such as white seat covers, access to discotheque and others. The other packages which are diamond choice package, jade choice and pearl choice don’t offer as many perks but are offered at slightly more affordable rates. They even have planners who can pull off your wedding theme just the way you want it. Expect an impressive customer service at Safari Park Hotel.

  1. Karen Country Lodge

Karen Country Lodge

Location: Karen

Type of Venue: Garden wedding

Why we love Karen Country Lodge: We love the stunning gardens at the Karen Country Lodge. This is one of those places where any bride would wish to have a garden wedding. It’s perfect for extravagant weddings designed to suit very personalized tastes. The garden can accommodate up to 500 guests and is conveniently located for your guests. There’s also secure parking at the lodge. You can get professional wedding planners at the lodge to help you out.

  1. Eden Bliss Gardens

Eden Bliss Gardens

Location: Thome along the Nothern Bypass, 2 Kilometers from the Windsor Hotel, behind Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi

Type of venue: Garden wedding venue, honeymoon

Why we love Eden Bliss Gardens: If you are the kind of person who loves nature then you’ll definitely fall in love with the Eden Bliss Gardens. The grounds are amazing and you can tell that they have been perfectly taken care of. They even have a guest house where you can spend the night before jetting off for your honeymoon.

  1. Rosedale Gardens

Rosedale Gardens

Location: Rose Avenue, Off Dennis Pritt Rd. Opposite St. Georges School.

Cost: Ksh. 150,000

Type of Venue: Garden wedding venue

Why we love Rosedale Gardens:  We love the location of Rosedale Gardens. The venue is tucked away from the noisy city center and their facilities are well taken care of. From the powder room to the parking area and clean-well serviced toilets, your guests are likely to have a great time at the venue.

  1. Brookhaven Gardens

Brookhaven Gardens

Location: Karen behind Hillcrest

Type of Venue: Garden wedding

Why we love Brookhaven Gardens: Other than being located in the posh Karen Estate, this venue has an amazing view with lots of space to hold a large crowd. You’ll get to experience leisure and luxury at Brookhaven as the beauty of the grounds certainly delivers value for money.

  1. Florienta Gardens


Location: Rosellyn Rd, Nairobi

Cost: Ksh. 50,000

Type of Venue: Garden wedding

Why we love Florienta Gardens: To start off, the price of the wedding venue is quite low compared to many of the ones in this list. For a venue that can hold 700 guests, it’s quite affordable. But bear in mind that there are other details not included in that price such as a generator and toilet facilities. So you’ll have to pay extra for this.

Marula Manor Nairobi - Wedding Venues Nairobi 

As always, we welcome your feedback at the end of this post. If you think there’s a venue we’ve missed out on this list, kindly share them and you’ll help other brides and grooms in their wedding planning process.

We will also upload the costs of other venues listed above as we get clarification from them. However, make sure you verify any information especially regarding the rates from the respective venues.  You may also contact us to help you find the perfect wedding venue for your taste and budget.

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