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10 Costly Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

10 Costly Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to wedding planning, many things can go wrong. We have spoken to brides who have been through it all. They were glad to share their personal opinions on things they could have done better when planning their wedding. Hope you will learn from these common wedding planning mistakes.

1. Picking the wrong wedding gown/dress

You will spend the better part of the day on that wedding gown so you better choose something you really like. Don’t choose the not-so-perfect dress you can’t wait to get out of. If you don’t feel great in it, it’s likely going to show on your face.

2. Picking a dress without researching

So you just walked into a shop and fitted your first dress. It looks and feels perfect. But wait a minute have you done some research on wedding dresses? Have you tried other dresses? It’s always good to give yourself options and then choose one from among them.

10 wedding mistakes to avoid

As a rule of thumb, don’t fit a wedding gown that is beyond your budget (no matter how much the sales person insists).

3. Trying to do it all by yourself

It’s ok to get help from family and friends. You can’t do it all on your own. You can ask your maid of honor to visit some of your wedding vendors and interview them on your behalf. If your schedule is really tight, assign certain duties to the people you trust.

4. Not setting a strict budget

Don’t take your budget lightly. A small wedding can be very expensive if you overlook the minor details that tend to be really expensive. Know where to splurge and where to save even before the planning process begins.

5. Choosing an impractical wedding venue

Your choice of wedding venue will really affect everything else about the wedding. An outdoor ceremony comes with its unique challenges. A destination wedding may not be suitable if you have a tight budget.

6. Choosing forgetful and unreliable wedding vendors

If you had to remind your wedding vendors about your names, let alone your wedding date, you probably made the wrong choice. Yes, your wedding vendors are likely to be offering the same service to other clients but you need to feel that they value you as a customer.

7. Not having adequate seating for guests

Seating arrangement can be a big issue on the day of the event so take your time to have it all figured out. Know where the VIPs will seat and have extra seating for guests.

8. Not making follow ups with vendors

You must make calls and confirm your bookings with all vendors days and even months before your wedding day. It’s important to make these calls beforehand just to confirm earlier made agreements.

9. Not leaving a budget for extra costs/miscellaneous expenses

There will be some expenses that arise during the wedding planning process. Some things that you may have overlooked may be very expensive which is why you need to have a budget for extra expenses.

10. taking it too seriously

Wedding planning should be fun so take it easy. Hire a wedding planner and things will be easier for you.

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