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18 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

18 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

  1. You don’t want to introduce your partner to people who are significant in your life like your friends
  2. You look forward to the times you can go out with your friends and stay away from your partner.
  3. You find yourself bored with the conversations initiated by your partner or you slowly drift away when they talk.
  4. You always think of breaking up but you never do.
  5. Your partner tells you they are going for a week or two and you can’t wait. You start thinking of all the fun things you will do when they are not around.
  6. When someone hits on you, you don’t send them away completely if they have the potential. You lead your flirts on.
  7. You think your partner’s opinions are completely ridiculous when he/she expresses them to you.
  8. You feel like you can express yourself because that person will dismiss you instantly and make you feel stupid.
  9. You sometimes don’t feel sexually pleased with your partner and you don’t feel like you can share these feelings and say what you need.
  10. Your partner has threatened violence in some way. There has been a sign of physical abuse but you ignored it one too many times.
  11. You always feel obligated to stay with your partner. You feel like you are missing out on fun things because of being in that relationship.
  12. Your partner doesn’t do anything sweet for you and you have to ask in order to be treated in a certain way. It’s not cool to keep on asking someone to buy you flowers.
  13. Your partner talks poorly about your family or friends and has no respect for the relationships you have with other people in your life.
  14. You disagree with your partner on some very fundamental stuff in life and you don’t feel like your opinion is respected.
  15. You are just bad together and everyone else agrees that your partner is not treating you right. If you have been told that he/she is cheating by a number of people there’s probably some truth to it.
  16. When you go out together, your partner always ends up fighting when drunk and it turns out to be a hot mess.
  17. Your partner is too jealous and you can’t have friends of the opposite gender because of their insecurities.
  18. You can’t remember the last time you kissed affectionately

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