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5 Important Things in A Wedding Venue

5 Important Things in A Wedding Venue

As event planners, we have some very simple rules for booking wedding venues. We always advice couples, especially the brides who are likely to get carried away, to take their time before booking the venue. What happens when you book the venue only to realize you missed out on some important details? Remember this is something you can’t really change and it affects the entire event.

booking a wedding venue in Kenya

People will always remember the wedding location you choose so it’s always wise to make a good decision. On that note, let’s look at some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a venue for your wedding. With this in mind, you’ll be on the right track when shopping venues all over Kenya.

Location, location, location

Sounds cliché right? But the thing is, when planning any kind of event, not just a wedding, the location will determine whether people will actually attend or not. We’ve seen couples who choose wedding locations that are extremely hard to reach via public means. When guests are simply unable to access your wedding venue easily, many of them will get lost or arrive late. Consider your guest list when choosing the location. Where will majority of them be coming from and is there public transportation to the venue?

The space and layout

You can put all the décor in the world to change the look and feel of your wedding venue but there’s only little that can be done to change its space and layout. Try and walk in your wedding guests’ shoes and just figure out if the place will be able to comfortably hold your guest list. Can people be able to mingle and move about freely or will it look too crowded when the tables and chairs are put in place?

Understand the policies of the wedding venue

We’ve seen them all. Wedding venues that restrict guests from using their toilet facilities and only confine them to a certain small space. You need to know what your options are before booking the space. What happens if the wedding runs late, will you have to pay an additional charge? Do they offer toilet facilities for your guests? How about security? Is there a refund policy? These questions are very important as they determine what suits your needs and ultimately the success of your wedding.


It may seem like an obvious thing but getting a secure setting for your wedding should be a top priority. A venue that is located in an area that is generally safe will ensure a pleasant experience for your guests. They need to have in place their own health and safety provisions so that your guests are not put in danger in case of any eventualities. For instance, there should be fire extinguishers in all the rooms where your guests will use.

Do they offer a backup plan?

Now this is the thing most people take for granted only to end up in a dilemma on the day of the wedding. You need to check with the wedding venue if they offer any back up location in case of things like bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. You surely don’t want bad weather to mess things up simply because you did not prepare well.

Procedures for booking wedding venues in Kenya

All wedding venues have their own provisions in regards to booking the place. There are the busy venues that are booked a year in advance. In most cases, it all depends on the availability. But we always advice couples to make early booking when they are sure about the wedding venue and it fulfills all their requirements.


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