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5 Important Wedding Venue Details you are Likely to Ignore

5 Important Wedding Venue Details you are Likely to Ignore

We totally understand that for many brides, planning a wedding is something relatively new. They easily get carried away and assume certain details about a wedding venue only for them to realize after making a booking that something is amiss.

You get so fascinated about the look of the wedding venue  and forget asking about important aspects such as a backup generator, security and fines. If you are a bride reading this, make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. Get as many details as you can about a venue before rushing to make a booking. Having all the details will help you to make an informed decision. So here are some of the things that are often forgotten when booking wedding venues.

  1. Can you carry your own food, drinks?

Wedding venues in Kenya also offer catering services. In fact, some of them do not allow you to have your own caterers at their premises. For those that do, you may not have a secluded area, like a kitchen, where the caterers can prepare their meals and get ready to serve them to your guests. This is an area that many couples overlook. You need to ensure that your catering service is handled the way you need it by talking to the venue owners.

  1. Do they offer security?

Security is an integral part of any wedding event. You need to at least ensure that there are people who are given the role of maintaining order during the ceremony. In most cases, the security personnel at the venue will be able to provide this service. But you may be required to pay an additional amount of money to have the security officers stick around during your wedding. Make sure you account for the cost of security.

  1. Is there a backup generator?

wedding venues in Kenya

As much as you expect everything to go well on your wedding day, you need to plan for certain mishaps. There are situations where there is a power blackout and no backup generator to keep things going. You need to ask the venue owners if they provide a backup generator and whether the price is included in the package they are offering you. The amount you pay for this generator may not be refundable even if you don’t experience a blackout on the big day. However, it’s always good to ask instead of making any assumptions.

  1. Do they offer tents and chairs?

Wedding venues in Kenya operate differently. There are those that don’t allow people to come with their own tents and chairs especially wedding gardens that want to preserve their look and feel. So don’t be surprised if you are not allowed to pitch your own tents at the venue. You need to consult the owners to find out if the chairs and tents are included in the package. If you’ll have to pay an extra cost for this then compare the cost with what other similar venues are offering and make a decision.

  1. What penalties are there if the wedding runs late?

Wedding venues, especially the busy ones often impose certain restrictions as to the duration of your wedding. If your wedding runs late, even by a couple of minutes, you may have to pay an extra amount. It’s very important to ask about these penalties so that you can account for this extra expense as a miscellaneous cost in your wedding budget. Failure to do this can cause a major disagreement and an unpleasant experience for your guests and bridal party.

  1. Do they offer sanitation facilities?

Washrooms are a very important facility in any wedding event. Some wedding venues do have washrooms but they may be closed on the day of your wedding. You may have to pay an additional amount to use their washrooms and have someone clean them on the day of the event. If you are looking forward to giving your guests a good experience all the way, make sure the sanitation services are well catered for.

Not all wedding venues in Kenya offer the same package

wedding venue details to know

It’s important to realize that, wedding venues are very unique in their own right. While one venue may be offering you an all-inclusive package with catering, tents, chairs, security and sanitation services, another may allow you to bring your own team that provides all the services you need. It’s always important to ask about these details prior to booking a wedding venue.

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