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5 Reasons to Love Church Weddings in Kenya

5 Reasons to Love Church Weddings in Kenya

At this day and age, there is so much hype surrounding outdoor weddings as church weddings are slowly fading away. Some of us still love the idea of holding our wedding at the church. There is just a different feeling of starting your union in this special place. If you are considering a church wedding, below are some good reasons why I strongly support your decision.

Church weddings are cheap

Believe it or not, it’s easier to cut down your budget on a church wedding and still keep it looking elegant and classy. If you have a garden wedding, you must invest in quality décor or it is going to look really tacky. Church weddings on the other hand are simple to plan, easy to set up décor and the beautiful church wedding venues in Kenya simplify this process further.

You don’t have to invest in a plan B

The other thing that makes outdoor weddings more expensive than church weddings is that, you must invest in a plan B just in case Mother Nature strikes. Your garden wedding can be ruined by a stormy rain even if you had tents that covered the seating area. A beach wedding can be ruined by the nasty breeze and cold that makes your guests wonder when the ceremony will end. However, having your wedding in the church means your guests will be warm, comfortable and ready to enjoy your day regardless of the weather.

Church wedding venues are conveniently located

Of all the weddings I have attended, I tend to get lost trying to locate gardens more than churches. People know where certain churches are located so it’s easy for your guests to find the venue on time. Basically churches are popular compared to most wedding venues and that’s why I would prefer to hold the ceremony at the church and the reception at a garden or stunning hotel.

Church Weddings are easier to plan

Probably the most important reason why I am totally for church weddings is that they are easier to plan. There is so much involved when planning a wedding outdoors from the sanitation services to décor and so much more. When planning a church wedding, all you have to do is to consider decorating the seats and walls or even leaving it simple and elegant in order to make a unique statement. Church weddings in Kenya are still amazing and there is no reason why you should brush off the idea.

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