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How To Get Cheap Wedding Cakes In Kenya

How To Get Cheap Wedding Cakes In Kenya

I would rather have a mass wedding than have a bad wedding cake, (and I really don’t like mass weddings). I am that kind of girl who believes that my wedding cake must be spectacular. Everyone goes to your wedding expecting to see a marvelous cake and you better not disappoint. However, cheap wedding cakes which are of high quality are not easy to come by. That’s why we have summarized a few tips to help you find the cake of your dreams with a shoe-string budget.

Consider opting for cupcakes

Cupcakes are not just trendy; they are also quite cost effective. You have probably come across beautiful cupcakes arranged to form one complete cake in different tiers. Calculate the cost of giving guests cupcakes instead of full cakes.

Choose your wedding baker wisely

There are many people offering wedding cakes today. To find a good baker who charges reasonable fees, be prepared to perform adequate research. You can ask your family and friends to recommend bakers they know or shop around for a reliable baker online.

Minimize on the decorations used on the wedding cakes

Decorations are likely to increase the cost of your wedding cake. Cheap wedding cakes actually have fewer decorations. Again, it is important to keep it simple because too many decorations can make your cake look tacky.

Choose cheaper cake toppers

Cake toppers are the decorations that are placed on the very top of the wedding cake. The most common cake toppers depict the bride and groom although nowadays couples are having their cake toppers customized for their wedding. If you want to get personalised cake toppers, remember that they come at an extra fee.

Consider the ingredients

The ingredients used to make the cake or the type of wedding cake you want will determine the amount of money you have to set aside for this section of wedding planning. Cakes like black forest are more expensive that plain vanilla or strawberry cakes.

Consider getting your wedding cake from the venue provider

Some wedding venues offer quality cakes as part of their package. When you are shopping for a wedding venue, find out if the same people can offer to bake your cake. They are likely to quote a lower price and offer cheap wedding cakes since you are giving them more business.

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