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How to Choose your Bridesmaids for your Wedding

How to Choose your Bridesmaids for your Wedding

knowing how to choose your bridesmaids can be a nerve wrecking process. Trying to figure out who you want to be your bridesmaids, who will feel offended if they are not, or even who you are expected to choose can be a tough task for any bride. You have friends and family members who are anticipating being among the ‘chosen few’. It becomes even tougher if you are not going for the long bridal party so you really have to narrow down your options based on certain things. What’s important is that you choose bridesmaids wisely and ensure peace with everyone- including you.

Decisions, Decisions…

Soon as he puts that engagement ring on your finger, be prepared to transform into a decision making queen. First, you’ll have to decide who will be your maid of honour second, how many bridesmaids you want, third, what will they wear? The list goes on and on.

Let’s get one thing straight, your decisions can’t please everyone. The ideal number of bridesmaids is a maximum of 12. So how do you choose? I would suggest…

  • Create a wishlist of all those people you feel should be your bridesmaids
  • Include those people who you feel closest to(sisters, school friends, relatives- choose one from each group)
  • Include those people who would make political sense(like your fiancé’s sister or your brother’s wife)
  • Consider your fiancé’s picks from the wish list you created
  • Consider where you will be standing at the altar and whether there will be enough space for the number of bridesmaids you choose(having the same number of bridesmaids on both sides looks better- aesthetically).

Considerations when choosing your bridesmaids

  1. Think of the responsibilities of each member of the bridal party

The maid of honour you choose should be able to help you in major tasks involved in wedding planning from choosing your dress to addressing the invitations. The bridesmaids should be able to pay for their own dresses and other costs that come with being part of the bridal party.

  1. Think of your needs and expectations when choosing bridesmaids

If you are having a huge wedding, with lots of details that need to be coordinated then having a longer bridal party makes a lot of sense. If you are the type of person who needs to surround herself with friends in the overwhelming periods of wedding planning, choose your bridesmaids who live in town just a few minutes away in case of emergencies.

  1. Follow your heart and choose your bridesmaids based on what makes you happy

It’s your big day. The last thing you want is to make a decision based on the pressure you receive from other people. Choose your best girls in the world and people you consider special to share this beautiful occasion.

When it comes down to how to choose your bridesmaids, the decision lies with you.

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