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Choosing a Wedding Venue- What You Need To Know

Choosing a Wedding Venue- What You Need To Know

After your big proposal, expect people to start asking where and when the wedding will take place. This question is not easy for any couple to answer. Gone are the days when choosing a wedding venue was a simple task. You would simply get married in the small church or garden in your hometown. These days, there is a lot more to consider if you want to make a lasting impression.

You need to start shopping for the perfect venue for your wedding early enough. You don’t want to end up settling for less than what you wanted because your dream venue is already booked. Here are a few wedding venue tips to get you started.

Don’t rush to sign a contract out of excitement without understanding the logistics. You need to know everything about the venue from the time they expect your guests to have left to the areas that are out of bounds for all your wedding guests. These minor details are important and they will help you in choosing a wedding venue confidently.

Know your wedding size before picking out a venue. There are venues that you will just cross out because they are either too big or too small for your wedding. Even if you don’t have the exact number of people who will be attending your wedding, you probably have a rough idea of the kind of occasion you would love (big or intimate wedding).

Get pictures of the venue from the season you intend to get married. You can see beautiful pictures of the venue during the warm months but this doesn’t give you an accurate image of the wedding location if your ceremony will take place during the wet season. Ask the right questions that apply to the season you wish to get married. For instance, do they have proper lighting, heat and air conditioning?

Consider special accommodations for your guests when choosing a wedding venue. There are venues which have been designed to enhance accessibility for people with disabilities. Look out for things like wheelchair access, sanitation and the like.

Visit the venue with your wedding planner and get his/her professional opinion regarding the location. Even though the final decision lies with you, you must get second opinions from other people with experience in choosing a wedding reception venue.

Visit the wedding venue at a similar time and day when your wedding will be taking place. For instance, if your wedding is on a Saturday at 2pm, visit the venue at this day and time and get to see what it’s like to be there. Do you like the way the light floods into the room? Will the cold drafts in the hall way be too overwhelming for your guests? These are questions you will only be able to answer if you visit your venue.


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