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How to Choose The Best Wedding Tents and Chairs in Kenya

How to Choose The Best Wedding Tents and Chairs in Kenya

If there are things you are probably going to spend more than you think for your wedding, they have to be tents and chairs. These two items are very critical in any wedding and you need to start sourcing for them early enough. Luckily, there are numerous companies offering wedding tents and chairs in Kenya. Before you contact any of them, it is important to consider the following tips.

Choose wedding tents and chairs that blend perfectly with your theme

First, you need to know your wedding theme before you start choosing the right tents and chairs for your reception. You may not be able to find tents of the specific shade that corresponds to your wedding theme but you can as well go for black or white tents. Choose neutral colors that are likely to blend with your particular theme. As for the chairs, you can actually choose any color if you are going to have them wrapped with a cloth that is made using your wedding colors.

Choose simple chairs and invest in quality decor

You can always choose simple wooden chairs and then decorate them nicely in order to complement your look. For instance, you can tie a beautiful ribbon together with a flower on one end of the chair in order to give it a special look. You can also consider investing in beautiful chair covers which have been customized for your wedding. Remember to choose wedding chairs that your guests will find comfortable and not just pretty.

Choosing a Wedding Tent

Consider getting tents and chairs from the wedding venue

There are wedding venues that offer tents and chairs for those hiring out their premises. In fact, some venues will restrict customers from bringing their own wedding chairs and tents. Hiring these items from the wedding venue provider can actually save you some costs. You don’t have to worry about the third party transporting the chairs and tents to the venue on time. You will have the peace of mind that everything is already in place if you are getting your wedding tents and chairs from the venue.

Shop around for the best rates

Most importantly, you need to find a company that offers quality tents and chairs at very reasonable rates. If you start searching early enough, you are likely going to come across an amazing deal. You can contact us to help you identify a couple of venues that offer tents and chairs as part of their wedding package.

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