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How to Keep Your Wedding Catering Budget Low

How to Keep Your Wedding Catering Budget Low

In almost all weddings we have attended, couples admit that the highest percentage of their budget went to wedding catering services. Food is expensive and you must be ready to spend if you would like to give people quality food that they will enjoy. However, there are some simple ways to keep your wedding catering budget low. Let’s look at a few of them.

Develop a simple and creative wedding menu

There are certain simple and satisfying wedding menus that don’t cost much. For instance, if you want to spend less on wedding catering, consider simple menus which people love like pilau, beef stew and a soft drink. You should also pick ingredients which are in season and locally available in order to keep the wedding catering budget low.

keep your wedding catering budget low

Include few menu items

It’s fine to give your wedding guests variety but you should always consider what you can afford. For instance, you can offer guests 3 meat selections instead of 4 or 5. If you want to reduce wedding catering budget, avoid things like sea food and pork because they are likely to cost more. Think of it like this, if the food takes too long to prepare, it is likely to cost more.

Get rid of the dessert

There’s no need to have a dessert if you have a wedding cake. Most weddings in Kenya don’t include desserts since people are usually satisfied with the cake.

Have a menu for kids at the wedding

The issue with giving children the same menu is that, it is going to be more expensive for you and yet most of the children will leave the food on their plates. Instead, have a kids menu at a cheaper rate. Most wedding caterers can give a discounted rate for smaller plates. You can include things like sausages, fish fingers and ice cream in your kids menu.

B.Y.O.D(Buy your own drinks)

If your wedding reception is at a hotel, you can request them to offer you an open bar service where guests can buy their own drinks. After providing a soft drink for each guest for free, give your guests the opportunity to buy sodas, wine or beer at the hotel.

Get a discount for your wedding vendors

The people who offer certain services on your wedding day such as the entertainers, camera crew, band and wedding planners will need to eat as well. Negotiate with the wedding caterers to see if they can offer to feed your vendors for free or at a discounted rate.

keeping your wedding catering budget low

DIY(Do it yourself)

The good thing about having a big family and a large circle of friends is that you can use them to help you cater for guests at the reception. It will take some planning to make sure things are done professionally. Overall, this is one of the easiest ways to keep your wedding catering budget low.

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