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7 Important Reception Wedding Venue Details to Know Before You Book

7 Important Reception Wedding Venue Details to Know Before You Book

The biggest mistake you can ever make when booking a reception wedding venue is failing to ask the critical questions. Don’t just concentrate on the look of the wedding location. Know what your wedding guests are going to expect as soon as they step into the wedding grounds. Below are 7 critical details you need to know about before making a booking.

1. The number of events hosted on the same wedding venue per day

A single reception wedding venue can host multiple events on the same day so make sure you ask beforehand. You don’t want to feel rushed out if they kick you out in order to create space for other guests. Find out if you will have the venue to yourself on that given date or any other arrangements so that you can prepare beforehand.

2. The maximum number of guests the wedding grounds can accommodate

Knowing the exact number of guests which the venue can accommodate is important because you want all your guests to feel comfortable. Additionally, there are some venues in Nairobi that don’t allow guests to exceed a certain number. To avoid any inconveniences, make sure you ask beforehand.

3. Know what is included in the wedding venue Charges

The price given may only be for the wedding grounds. Other additional charges may apply. Some venues will charge you if guests access their washrooms. Know what you are paying for early enough to avoid unwelcome surprises.

4. Can you bring your own drinks

Wedding venues in Kenya have very strict rules on drinks that they allow at their premises. Instead of making assumptions, ask if you are allowed to bring in your own drinks especially alcoholic beverages. You may have to pay corkage fees per bottle. Just make sure drinks are allowed before you book the venue.

5. Will you have access to all areas in the reception wedding venue

It’s common for wedding venues to restrict access to certain areas. This is especially the case for hotels and private grounds. Know which areas cannot be accessed by your guests to avoid any inconveniences. If there are too many restrictions, you may want to pass on that venue and look for a more flexible option.

6. Will guests Have to Pay for Parking

Most venues that are in public places will impose certain parking fees which guests have to adhere to. Put this into consideration when deciding on a venue. Find out if you can pay for the parking on behalf of the guests ahead of time.

7. How Many hours will you be given to use the venue

Many couples have experienced embarrassing situations after being chased away from a venue because their time has elapsed. To avoid this, know the time your guests are allowed to be there and if there are any charges if you spend more hours at the reception wedding venue. Some places will charge you by the hour if you exceed the time given.

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