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What you shouldn’t expect your Wedding Planner to do for you

What you shouldn’t expect your Wedding Planner to do for you

One of the best decisions you can ever make as a couple is choosing a good wedding planner. Your wedding planner should be your best friend. He/she should be the one person who will help you transform your dream into a reality without making the process overwhelming. She will give you some critical wedding planning tips to relieve the stress during this period. However, many brides expect planners to do things that are not within their job descriptions. Note that, your planner is not your:

  • Personal assistant OR
  • Therapist

Yes, she/he can go out of her way and provide the extra services which you don’t pay for. Take note ladies that your wedding planner is NOT obligated to do the following.

Don’t expect your wedding planner to:

Make decisions for you: Whose wedding is it anyway? If you are an indecisive couple then the planner will only try to understand what you like best and move on from that point. Don’t make it difficult for this professional to move from one step to the next simply because you cant make any decisions on your own. Get ideas from the planner and combine them with your own to create something that works for you.

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Lie on your behalf: If you are the kind of couple who doesn’t want to disclose some details to your family or friends, please don’t let the wedding planner do the lying for you. Wedding planners should be left to do what they know best.

Sit back and let you take advantage: Yes, you will want a planner who goes above and beyond to ensure your wedding turns out to be a success. But, don’t take advantage of your planner and turn her into your personal assistant. The planner is only paid to do whatever is stipulated in the contract.

Create more time for your wedding planning needs: Ladies, if there is one situation where you have to keep time, it’s during the wedding planning process. If you miss appointments with the vendors and end up incurring fees, don’t blame your planner. Deadlines are there for a reason.

Become your personal therapist: Don’t call your planner to discuss all the issues you have with your bridesmaids, that’s just uncool. Unless you know the planner on a personal level and you have been friends before then don’t expect this professional to hear all your complaints, personal trials and tribulations with the maid of honor or mother in law. Keep some of these details private.

Nag your planner: It’s ok to call your planner if you have an emergency that involves the wedding planning process. However, calling this professional during odd hours when they are spending time with family or enjoying social life is totally unacceptable.

Most importantly, don’t expect your planner to make budgetary decisions for you. If you have a strict wedding budget, be honest with the planner from the get go. It helps this professional to narrow down the list of vendors who are perfectly suited for your wedding.

You may not expect much from your wedding planner but the best professionals will go out of their way to make your dreams come true.

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