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The Beauty of Traditional African Weddings

The Beauty of Traditional African Weddings

There are certain traditions in African weddings that we hold so dear. From the mother of the bride and her friends welcoming their daughter with native songs and dances, to the heavy feast at the wedding reception, we couldn’t trade our very own African wedding traditions for anything. But who says you have to get rid of these traditions and adhere to any set rules of a modern occasion? You should get to pick all the traditions you still like and bring out the best from it.

We love these wedding traditions and we think every bride and groom should embrace them.

The traditional songs and dances

If you have been to a wedding in Kenya, you’ve probably seen how the bride is welcomed by her parents, aunts and in-laws. From the time she walks out of the house to the time she enters the reception to the last moment after the couple have gotten married, you’d think they’ll run out of traditional songs. We love these songs probably because we don’t get to hear them anywhere else. If you attend an African wedding, you are reminded of how two cultures can unite and display such level of happiness and appreciation.

The African wedding cuisine

When it comes to food your guests wouldn’t feel satisfied if they dint have some African dishes, and have them in plenty. In fact, a huge chunk of your African wedding budget should be used on the wedding menu. You’d rather do away with the cake than have limited traditional dishes included in your wedding menu. You will probably have guests from upcountry and the last thing you want is to offer them food that will leave them claiming they were underfed.

The dressing

You thought people don’t care about dressing in African weddings you are totally mistaken. Your aunts and in-laws from upcountry will come adorned with their very best attire to make a statement. The ‘vitenges’, ‘lesos’ and head gears all form part of our cherished African dressing style. Some of your relatives from the countryside will even come with matching clothes just to remind the rest of the guests that they are part of the ‘bridal family’. This is one of those days when everyone is so proud to be associated with the bride and groom and they’ll do all it takes-including buying matching clothes- just to show it.

African weddings are beautiful especially when two people from different communities meet and bring their families together. We love the fact that the bride and groom will respect each other’s tradition and include it somehow in the ceremony. There are so many other traditions that make our weddings unique and we couldn’t be prouder to be truly African.

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