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Tips to Find The Perfect Venue for Beach Weddings in Kenya

Tips to Find The Perfect Venue for Beach Weddings in Kenya

Beach weddings occur at the Kenyan Coast and the ones I have attended are simply magical. Most people don’t realize that beach weddings require a lot of planning. If not planned well, Mother Nature can turn out to be a nightmare. The strong winds and intense rays can be dreadful. However, we have seen a good share of beach weddings in Kenya that turned out perfectly well. That’s why we shall share a few tips to help you get started when planning your wedding at the beach.

Consider the cost of beach weddings

Most resorts that host weddings at the Coast are quite costly so you may want to consider the less popular hotels in Mombasa with amazing venues for a beach wedding.

Consider the proximity of the venues available

You have to ensure that the beach is easy to access and navigable. If not, make arrangements for your guests who don’t have cars to be picked at a certain time. Providing a shuttle service for your guests will be a brilliant idea.

Know the rules of popular beach hotels

Most beach resorts even public ones have rules. There are restrictions such as the number of guests you can have at the beach. And some may prohibit certain types of clothing or shoes at the beach. Get this information beforehand.

Choose the beach wedding reception venue

If you would also like to have a beach wedding reception, make sure you consider this when setting up the venue. Look for a company that can provide all the necessary equipment for the reception.

Hire experienced vendors for beach weddings

Weddings held at the beach can be very sensitive and that’s why they must be planned well. If you are looking for vendors, make sure you concentrate on the ones who have been in the industry for a long time. Highly experienced vendors are likely to offer the most reliable services.

Always have a plan B

Like all other outdoor weddings, beach weddings must be planned properly due to extreme weather conditions. Don’t rely on the weatherman, have a plan B of where your guests can run to when the weather becomes too much.

When sending out wedding invitations, it is important to let guests know the kind of dressing that is desired on the occasion. Tell your guests to avoid stilettos when attending your beach wedding. Ask them to carry some warm clothing if it’s going to be breezy and cold later in the evening during the reception. When guests come well prepared, they will enjoy your big day.

Visit the beach wedding venues in person

Visit the beach wedding venue before you make a booking. If you are too busy to pay the venue a visit, or you have ever been there before ask a friend or family member to pay the venue a visit on your behalf. It’s always good to ensure that the place is as good as you would like for your beach wedding. There could be changes that were made since the last time you were there. Paying the wedding venue a visit will give you peace of mind that you chose the perfect location.

We can help you find the perfect beach venues to hold spectacular beach weddings in Kenya. Contact us today.

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