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What Your Wedding Colors Say about You

What Your Wedding Colors Say about You

One of the hardest decisions for any couple to make is choosing their wedding colors. It’s not as simple as going for your favorite colors or following the latest trends. I always advice brides to choose the colors they love because, thanks to color blocking, you can make virtually all wedding color combinations look great.

Different colors are known to give off a certain kind of energy. The bold and intense colors are chosen for a more elegant setting whereas the bright colors are best for a fun outdoor ceremony. Let’s look at some popular wedding colors and what they say about you.

Red Themed Weddings

Red is dramatic, bold and passionate. It’s best for couples with a strong personality and who are not afraid to show off their remarkable sense of style. Red goes well with greens grays and aquas.

White Weddings

White is a symbol of purity and simplicity. If you are not the extravagant and bold type then this is the best color for you. You can choose large amounts of white with another color to bring it to life.

Peach Weddings

Peach is a very soft and feminine color. It’s perfect if you want to create a very charming and cool atmosphere. Peach goes well with white, navy blue and many other colors. It’s perfect for a wedding that’s taking place in the warmer months.

Navy Blue Weddings

This is probably the most commonly used wedding color globally. It’s a classic color that adds masculinity to the wedding theme. It can be used instead of black and works perfectly for beach or other outdoor weddings.

Orange Weddings

Orange is a bright and bold color that can be a great alternative to yellow. It shows that you have a sense of style because it’s a bold and dramatic color just like red. You can pair up orange with colors like yellow or aqua.

Green wedding themes

Green symbolizes new life, growth and a breath of fresh air. It has a positive energy that makes it perfect for an outdoor wedding. Green can be used in so many ways and blends perfectly with colors like pink.

Yellow Weddings

Yellow is an optimistic and fun color that is full of happy thoughts. It’s the kind of color that just makes you want to dance on your wedding reception. Yellow blends perfectly with colors such as red, navy and even orange.

Hot Pink Weddings

Hot pink is a very strong wedding color that bursts with positive energy. You can incorporate pink in almost all types of weddings and it will still look amazing. It is a fun and romantic color.

Pale Pink Weddings

The lighter shades of pink are also perfect because they represent sweetness and new love. Pale pink is beautiful in outdoor weddings and looks gorgeous in church weddings too.

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