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Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips

Looking for wedding photography tips? It takes more than just a good camera and the best wedding photographer in order to come up with an amazing wedding album. As the bride and groom, and the entire bridal party, you need to find out what you can do to contribute in bringing out the most amazing wedding photographs. The following wedding photography tips will help you to get started.

Feel comfortable with the wedding photographer

There is a lot that someone can tell from looking at your wedding photos. If you were tense and uncomfortable, it is probably going to show on your wedding photographs. That is why brides are advised to meet with the photography for a pre-wedding shoot in order to familiarize with the professional and feel comfortable working with them on their wedding day.

Trust the wedding photographer to do his/her job

Don’t be surprised if you see your wedding photographer doing all it takes to come up with the right shots. Allow the photographer to do his job by following instructions given. At the end of the day, he is the one behind the camera so you shouldn’t be directing your photo shoots. Try as much to listen and take in instructions from the photographer.

Practise the right wedding photography poses

There are certain poses that will bring out the best wedding photography. You need to discuss this with your photographer during the pre-wedding shoot so that you can practice them ahead of your big day. Don’t try too hard so that the poses will look natural. At the end of the day, you want to feel comfortable and enjoy taking your wedding photographs.

Wedding Photography Tips Kenya

Consider lighting in wedding photography

Lighting can affect the quality of your photos. If you are having an outdoor wedding, make sure you discuss with your photographer regarding the best times to hold the photo session. If you happen to be behind the schedule and you cannot take pictures due to lighting, you need to have discussed a plan B with your photographer.

Avoid distracting backgrounds

You also need to avoid insisting on backgrounds that are too distracting. Wedding photos should be able to tell a story and the attention should remain on the couple. Listen to your photographer’s advice if you want to get the best pics.

Choose the perfect wedding photography venue

Most importantly, choose the perfect setting to take your wedding photos. We have listed some of the best wedding photography venues in the country. Contact us to help you find the best place to take your wedding photos.

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