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Wedding Transport: Tips To Make A Grand Entrance and Exit

Wedding Transport: Tips To Make A Grand Entrance and Exit

You are going to get married to the love of your life…but wait! How are you planning to get there? Will you choose a long sleek wedding limo or a horse and carriage? Wedding transport should express your style. If you are the funky couple who loves flashy cars then you may want to go for a sports car. Let’s look at a few wedding transport options to make a grand entrance.

Ultra exotic Sports Cars for wedding transport

You can rent a sports car and hire a driver or be the one behind the wheel after the ceremony. Sports cars are low riders so you need to rehearse how to get out of one in style especially in a dress. Get a sports car in a daring color like red, blue or yellow and you will certainly make a statement.


You can exit your wedding in a motorcycle- a classic black one for a stunning look. This is the kind of memory you will have decades later when both of you are too old to jump on a motorcycle. Plus motorcycle entries make awesome wedding photos. When choosing this kind of wedding transport, remember to practice before the wedding day.

Vintage cars

There’s something classy about making your wedding entrance in a vintage car. Vintage wedding cars are expensive, there is no doubt about that, but the cost is absolutely worthwhile because they give your event a special character. The thought of riding in a beetle with the love of your life, driving off after the wedding is nothing more than perfect.

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Horses and carriages as wedding transport

If you would like the feeling of being in a fairy-tale then consider making a grand entrance in a horse-drawn carriage. You can rent a few carriages to bring the whole wedding procession. This is a perfect wedding transport option if you want to make a classic entrance in the city.

Stretch limo

Probably the most common form of wedding transport is the stretch limo. Since it’s your special day, you must feel like a VIP. You can hire a couple of limos to carry the bridal party as well. Wedding limos are not very costly nowadays so you can afford to hire one without breaking the bank.


To make that wow-worthy entrance and exit, jump into your very own private helicopter and fly to your wedding venue. Keep in mind that the venue needs to have a certain amount of space for the helicopter to land safely.
Whatever you choose as your wedding transport, try and keep it classy, elegant and unique.

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    Please confirm cost of a horse and carriage for a wedding

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